The Beauty Of The Valley

WAITING. Often we perish the thought & only desire immediate results. As we well know though, that’s not always how God works – & for good reason, too. Three words enter my mind after I hear the word “wait”. TRUST. FAITH. HOPE. Waiting can be an extraordinary growing period for us. I view it the same way as I view going through one of life’s valleys. The mountain top is amazing, yes. BUT. It is in the valley where our faith & trust is cultivated the most & in that, our hope is renewed.

In the valley is where the grass is the sweetest & most plush. The valley isn’t so dark or bad when you stop & think about it. God is walking through the valley with us, right beside us! Even sometimes carrying us through. If we continue to feed upon His faithfulness like God’s Word says, we will find ourselves growing in Him like never before. I find that in the valley is also where I sometimes feel the closest, most intimate with God. I find myself more fully relying on Him like I should because it’s in the valleys that I often feel utterly broken, helpless, & weak. I give in, toss away the self sufficiency & fall into His loving arms & find rest, peace, & comfort. 

Let’s face it. We’re human. We don’t always think or remember to continue allowing our faith to be cultivated when we’re up on that mountain top. The view is exceptional, life is good & all appears to be going our way. Take time to view the beauty in every season. Sometimes, the only beauty in a season IS God. His faithfulness to us. His love for us. His promises to us. Hold onto to those promises. Don’t discard them just because things in the natural seem to appear as if they aren’t going your way. You have no idea what God is doing & working on behind the scenes. He sees the entire picture. He gave you those promises for a reason. He spoke those words to you & into your heart for a reason. He gave & spoke them to you to cling onto when things seem hopeless & impossible, when things seem like they will never change, & the desires in your heart will never be fulfilled or come to fruition. Focus on the promises, not the circumstances. Your best is yet to come. 

This is where trust comes into play. Trust Him. He is for you, not against you. His thoughts for you are precious & dear. He calls you His beloved! Lastly, let these things encourage you & allow your hope to be renewed. Look at His goodness. Recall the times He pulled you through before. He’s not going to slip up & forget you this time! He is a forever faithful kind of God!! 

So, no matter what situation(s) you may find yourself in today, no matter how bleak, dark or hopeless they may appear, remember His promises! Remember His passionate love for you. He’s got you. Let go. Let Him be your shepherd & guide you. You will never regret it. ❤️
Thank you for reading!



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